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What is AutoConnectSSH?
AutoConnectSSH is a Gtk application developed in Perl to automate SSH connections.

AutoConnectSSH 2.0.0
AutoConnectSSH 2.0.0 is ready for download from sourceforge.net site.

Feature list for AutoConnectSSH 2.0.0
  1. Cool GUI interface
  2. Separate profile for users in their home directory
  3. Allows to change colors for terminal
  4. Added QuickConnect
  5. Keys can be managed
  6. Reconnects automatically(Use connect window)
  7. Verbosing functionality(Edit->Enable Verbosing)
  8. Requires password authentication for using application
  9. Passwords used for connection are encrypted and stored in the DB
  10. Provides application lock
  11. Allows "su" to maximum of one user automatically
  12. Allows changing of "su" credentials while connecting
  13. Supports port forwarding
  14. Supports changing of local port and remote port while connecting
  15. Allows to change the authentication password
  16. Supports custom tab title
  17. Allows to save current terminal output to a text file on local machine
  18. Supports to switch to tabs using "History" menu too
Blog: http://autoconnectssh.blogspot.com/
Copyright © 2009, Bharathiraja